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Beginning Ukulele Starter Pack

Beginning Ukulele Starter Pack

1. Ukulele

Here at Music Freqs we have a wide variety of Amahi Ukuleles in different sizes, styles & colors! You are sure to find the right ukulele to match your vibe!

There a few different sizes of ukulele! From smallest to largest they are: Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone.

What size ukulele should I get? It's really up to you and your preference on size and sound! But - if you are possibly also looking into learning guitar, Baritone would be a good idea as it will translate better with the similar tuning and chord placements.




2. Instrument Tuner

Keeping your ukulele in tune is vital to practicing well so this is a must have!

A popular choice for all musicians is our Snark Clip-on Tuner for $19.99.


Don't Know How to Tune Yet? No problem! We have a straight to the point tuning tutorial on our Music Freqs YouTube Channel here: 


3. Ukulele Chord Dictionary

You can start learning some Ukulele Chords right away with this handy guide!

Shop Our Ukulele Chord Dictionary >

(Note: This Chord Dictionary will not work with a Baritone Ukulele. It will work with your Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukulele though!)


4. Ukulele Strap, Cases and Stands

Holds up your Ukulele by hooking into the Ukulele's Sound Hole. Available in a variety of different colors!

Gig Bags to keep your Ukulele safe & secure.

Or Wall Hanging Stands to save some space!

Shop Our Ukulele Straps, Cases and Stands >

Make sure you're getting the right fitting case - We have Ukulele Cases for the different sized ukuleles so make sure your finding the right match.

Bonus: Music Lessons!

Let us help you on your Guitar journey! We teach Music Lessons here at Music Freqs! We offer a Free Trial Music Lesson to all new students!

Book your Free Trial Lesson today!

Learn more about our Music Lessons here!


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