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Music Freqs Store - Instrument Repair & Maintenance Services, Camarillo CA


Instruments we Repair & Service

Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Basses, Tenor Guitars, Baritone Guitars, Guitarron, Vihuela, Banjo, Harp, Ukulele...

...and other New or Vintage stringed instruments!


(Note: All pricing listed below are starting prices and may vary depending on the specific instrument.)


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Re-Stringing of Instrument

  • Removal of current strings.
  • Addition of new strings. (strings purchased separately from service price)
  • Tuned to desired tuning style.

(Starting at $15, not including price of new set of strings)


Includes a complimentary cleaning & polishing which include:
  • Thorough polishing of the entire body of the instrument.
  • Polishing of any hardware pieces. (Tail Piece, Bridge Tuners, etc.)
  • Deoxidizing any Scratchy Pots
  • Cleaning & Applying Oil to the fingerboard, Light Polish to Frets.
  • Tightening any Loose Components. (Output Jack, Strap Buttons, etc.)
A string change may be needed if
  • The current strings are more than 6 months old.
  • The strings have a significant amount of visible grime or rust.
  • The strings are slipping out of tune where they were once stable.
  • The tone of your guitar starts to flatten out.
  • A string breaks.


Instrument Setup

  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Filling Nut Slots (as needed)
  • Saddle or Bridge Height Adjustment (Acoustic Saddles will need to be sanded)
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Electronics Check

(Starting at $50)


Includes a complimentary cleaning & polishing which include:
  • Thorough polishing of the entire body of the instrument.
  • Polishing of any hardware pieces. (Tail Piece, Bridge Tuners, etc.)
  • Deoxidizing any Scratchy Pots
  • Cleaning & Applying Oil to the fingerboard, Light Polish to Frets.
  • Tightening any Loose Components. (Output Jack, Strap Buttons, etc.)
A setup may be needed if
  • You are changing string gauges.
  • Buzzing starts to occur along the frets closest to the nut. (Truss Rod Adjustment is needed)
  • Buzzing is occurring near or around the 12th fret. (Saddle or Bridge Height Adjustment is needed)
  • The action is uncomfortably high. (Action = the distance between the strings and the frets)
  • Strings are catching in the nut slots and popping in & out of tune (Nut Slots need to be re-filed correctly)
  • The instrument seems like it is always out of tune across the fingerboard (Needs to be Intonated)
  • 90% of the time there is more than one of these issues occurring and a general good rule of thumb is to get a setup whenever you change your strings (~ every 6 months) and every time you pick up a new instrument.



Fret Re-Leveling

  • Sanding the frets to an even level across the entire fretboard.
  • Recrowning the frets to their original shape.
  • Taking care of any fret-sprout.
  • Polishing the frets to a shine.

(Starting at $160)


A re-level may be needed if
  • There is buzzing occurring at a variety of seemingly random points across the fingerboard.
  • The action cannot be lowered to a comfortable level without buzzing.
  • Some frets are developing severe indentations.
  • Uneven frets can be hard to spot and is a routine inspection we make when performing any setup to alert you if your frets are not even with one another.


Fret-Sprout Service

A Fret-Sprout is when the ends of the frets begin to poke out the sides of the neck. If you notice the frets ends of your guitar feeling sharp as you glide you hard across the neck, you may need to bring it in.

  • Filing the ends of each fret until the sides of the neck are smooth.
  • Recrowning the ends of every fret.
  • Light polishing and wipe down.

(Starting at $60)



Body, Structural and Electronic Repairs

We are set up to help you with most body work, structural and electronic repairs for your instrument! Feel free to bring your instrument into the shop for an accurate quote for your repair.

Electronics issues can be tricky to identify, a sudden loss of signal can happen for a lot of reasons! So it's best to bring it in right away and let us identify the problem. 

However, there are a couple specific electronics problems that you can identify right away as listed below.


Grounding Issue

This will generally occur as a result of a loose ground wire or a metal component not being grounded properly. You can identify this buzz simply by touching and then completely letting go of any metal of the guitar. If the buzz goes away when you touch the metal and returns when you let go, it’s a grounding issue.


Scratchy or Broken Pots

Scratchy pots are when as you turn a knob a crackling popping noise occurs, this means your pots have built up corrosion and need to be cleaned out. If your guitar loses signal and a pot is spinning endlessly, you may have a broken pot. In which case you’ll need to have that pot replaced.


Scratchy Output Jack

If your guitar is making crackling/popping noises when you bump the cable, first check the cable. But, if it occurs with other cables as well then your output jack may be developing corrosion. In some cases, this corrosion can be cleaned off. But other times, the jack may just need to be replaced. 



Modification Services

There are tons of different ways to modify and alter your guitar. There are even modifications out there that are possible that you may have not thought of. So if ever you are wondering if a mod can be done the best way is to bring your guitar in and talk to us about it!  

Here are a couple fairly common mods that you may be considering:


Pickup Swap

Pickup swaps are a super fun way to change up your sound. Here at our store you can choose from our wide selection of pickups or bring in a set you’ve already purchased. If you’re having trouble deciding, our staff are very knowledgeable in the matter and help guide you to the right pickup for you. From there we’ll be able to install those pickups and get them set to the right height. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are switching any style pickup to another style pickup (single coil to humbucker to P90 etc), some body modification may be necessary. 



A killswitch is a master on/off button for your signal. They are super fun to use and sound awesome. Installing a killswitch can be tricky though. It mostly comes down to placement and body alteration. If you are playing on a Strat then the switch can simply be put on the pickguard avoiding any body modifications. However, with a Les Paul for example, it can be a tough decision. The best way to decide is to bring the guitar in and have a conversation with us about what is possible.


Coil Splitting

A coil split is a simple and fun mod to make on any guitar with humbuckers. What a coil split does is essentially split the coil of your humbucker in half leaving you with a single coil pickup. Being able to jump between humbucker and single coils at the pull of a knob or flick of a switch is very appealing to some guitarists. Humbuckers offer a very warm tone and hot output while single coils tend to be brighter and more tame. If both of these options are desirable to you, you may want to consider having a coil split installed.


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