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Beginning Piano/Keyboard Starter Pack

Beginning Piano/Keyboard Starter Pack

1. Keyboard

Our most popular starter keyboard is this affordable Alesis Harmony 54-Key Keyboard! It also has 300 built in sounds & tones to add some creativity and fun to your practice routine!

Another good beginner option is our new Casio Casiotone LK-S250. This is a very portable model and has 61 Lighted Keys. It includes 400 tones and 77 fun rhythms that teach you how to play the songs with the light up keys! Super fun and instantly gratifying.

A popular intermediate and more professional option is our Casio 88-Key Keyboards with weighted keys! These keyboards are full 88-key models and some of the available models have 700 built in sounds & tones!

What does it mean to have weighted keys? Weighted keys on Digital Pianos/Keyboards are meant to replicate the feeling you have when playing on a traditional acoustic piano.




2. Keyboard Stand & Bench

We have quite a few options! Our most popular one is our Keyboard Stand & Bench Pack! A lightweight and very portable stand & bench combo!

Make sure to securly lock your stand before playing your keyboard on it! Also, make sure to place your keyboard and stand near a wall outlet or purchase an extension cable.



3. Lesson Book

Now it is time to learn how to play!

This Alfred's Lesson 1A Piano Book is great for Young Beginner Students!

This Alfred's Basio Adult Piano Book is great for Teen/Adult Beginner Students!



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4. Sustain Pedal (optional)

Most keyboards already include a Sustain Pedal, however, this one mimics a traditional acoustic piano pedal and is a great add-on accessory.



Bonus: Music Lessons!

Let us help you on your Guitar journey! We teach Music Lessons here at Music Freqs! We offer a Free Trial Music Lesson to all new students!

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