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Beginning Guitar Starter Pack

Beginning Guitar Starter Pack

1. Electric or Acoustic Guitar

If you don't have a guitar yet we have plenty of suitable options for beginner musicians! We sell guitars from top brands including Epiphone, ESP, LTD, Ibanez, Takamine and Aria. 

We sell Electric & Acoustic Guitars in all prices ranges, our more beginner Electric models starting at $169 and Acoustic models starting at $269.

We also normally have a few Short Scale and/or Left-Handed models in our store!

Top Tip: When choosing between an Acoustic or Electric Guitar, keep in mind that Acoustic Guitars tend to have thicker necks which may be more difficult if you have smaller hands!





2. Practice Amplifier

A popular choice for beginners is our Marshall MG10 or Marshall MG15 Practice Amplifiers!

These are very portable 10-15 Watt amps in a 1x8 Setup for your Electric Guitar! They even have Headphone Outputs so you can practice silently and also have a AUX Input to play along to tracks!

Don't Forget a Cable! Remember to also purchase a 1/4" Instrument Cable so you can plug your guitar into your new amp! Prices starting at $10.99




3. Guitar Stand

Make sure to keep your guitar safe with a well made guitar stand. We have quite a few options, our most affordable model starting at $9.99!

If you're tight on space we also sell Gator Frameworks Wall Mountable Guitar Hanging Stands in multiple color options for $14.99.




4. Guitar Tuner

Keeping your guitar in tune is vital to practicing well so this is a must have!

A popular choice for all musicians is our Snark Clip-on Tuner for $19.99.


Don't Know How to Tune Yet? No problem! We have a straight to the point tuning tutorial on our Music Freqs YouTube Channel here: 

We also teach music over here at Music Freqs! If you're new here, Schedule a Free Trial Lesson and learn how to play guitar with one of our fun & professional instructors!


5. Guitar Straps

Keep your guitar secure while playing! We have a huge selection of guitar straps in Classic & Fun Designs!




6. Guitar Picks

It will be difficult to play without your pick! Shop picks in multiple styles, materials and thicknesses! 

Picks are super easy to lose! Keep a grip on them with this Leather Pick Holder Keychain from Gibson!




7. Guitar Gig Bag or Hard Case

We have a variety of different cases for your guitar in multiple styles & price points.

The most affordable option being our Gig Bag for Electric Guitar for $29.99.

Hard Cases provide the most overall protection, view our Deluxe Molded Case for Acoustic Guitars for $149.99.

Make sure you're getting the right size for your guitar! We have multiple models for different size and types of guitars/basses so make sure the specs match your specific guitar before purchasing.




Bonus: Music Lessons!

Let us help you on your Guitar journey! We teach Music Lessons here at Music Freqs! We offer a Free Trial Music Lesson to all new students!

Book your Free Trial Lesson today!

Learn more about our Music Lessons here!


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