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Beginning Drum Starter Pack

Beginning Drum Starter Pack

1. Digital Drum Kit

Our Alesis Digital Drum Kits are the most popular beginner options for our drum students here at Music Freqs! These Digital Kits have mesh heads that make it feel more like a real kit plus both of the models we carry include built-in sounds & effects so you can be extra creative! You can either plug them into headphones for silent practicing or into a digital drum set amplifier!

Why choose a Digital Kit as a beginner? Digital kits are nice for beginners as they can be less expensive than a traditional acoustic drum set. With an acoustic kit you may need to worry about purchasing extra equipment including cymbals, hardware & stands, drum heads etc. Plus digital kits allow for silent practicing! 



View our Demo for the Alesis Nitro Kit (available in-store & online at

View our Demo for the Alesis Command Kit (available in-store & online at


2. Drummer Practice Pad

This is a great alternative for beginners if you're not ready to invest in a full drum kit.

These pads are durable and portable options to helping any drummer practice stick technique, endurance, timing, rhythm and more!

Do I still need this if I have a full drum kit? You don't have to but these are still great if you have a kit already! Professional Drummers even use these as very portable alternatives to practicing their instrument!




3. Drum Sticks

Drum Sticks come in a variety of sizes. Feel free to come into our Music Store and our helpful & friendly staff can help you find the right fitting drum stick for you!

5A Drum Sticks are the most popular drum sticks overall, however, 7A Drum Sticks may work best for younger drummers as they are a little lighter!

Wood vs. Nylon Tip Drum Sticks: Besides the different sounds you can get from the different types of sticks - Nylon Tip Drum Sticks are better if you're using them on Digital Drum Kits & Practice Pads. If the Wood Tips happen to get chipped, it could potentially damage your drum pads.




4. Headphones

If you're using a Digital Drum Kit, it's best to use with headphones to plug in to the module! We recommend these Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2. They are High quality stereo headphones that reduce outside noise for distraction free practicing! Includes both 1/4" and 1/8" plugs.

We also carry Drum Set Amplifiers! If you want everyone to hear you play the drums you can also plug the digital drum set into our Alesis Strike 8" 2000-Watt Drum Amplifier. Made specifically for Alesis Digital Kits.


5. Optional Accessories

Drum Key - Tighten or Loosen your drum heads. Works with our Alesis Mesh Heads too!

Drum Stick Bag - Keep your Drum Sticks in one place for easy transport.

"Gorilla Snot" - Makes your Drum Sticks grippy so they're easy to keep ahold of!


Bonus: Music Lessons!

Let us help you on your Guitar journey! We teach Music Lessons here at Music Freqs! We offer a Free Trial Music Lesson to all new students!

Book your Free Trial Lesson today!

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